Community Engagement Director

Busayo Oluwadamilare Morakinyo (BOM) is an innovative Development, Governance, and Social Accountability expert with ingrained experience of over 6 years of working with various communities across Africa. He has a background in History & International Relations, and a master’s Degree in Humanitarian and Refugee Studies. He is currently the Director of Community Engagement at Connected Development, and Leads FollowTheMoney International; (‘the fastest growing social accountability movement in Africa’), across the 36 States in Nigeria and 9 other countries in Africa (Liberia, Kenya, South Sudan, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, The Gambia, Cape Verde).

A disruptive and innovative thinker, he has consistently with cutting-edge ideas grown the FTM movement as he coordinates a network of over 8500 young people demanding improved public services from their elected representatives. His role also includes establishing and maintaining effective relationships with partners across policymakers, community-based groups, government and civil society, that advances the development and socio-economic progress of the communities we serve.

Busayo sits on the Board of various Organizations and Startups providing support and mentorship as they grow through their formative years and scale.

He is a two-time TEDx speaker, who has mastered the act and art of storytelling as a tool for citizens’ mobilisation and participation with practical experiences that border around advocacy, campaigns, grassroots mobilisation, citizen engagement, capacity building, and research.