Program Officer

Ibeh Nkem Gloria is a Program Officer at Connected Development (CODE). She had a childhood dream of becoming a doctor to save lives, and of course, liked the idea of being called a doctor, but later realized her desire to impact lives, which majorly informed her decision to become a medical doctor, will be fulfilled more as a public health professional contributing to the solutions that will see to equal health for all. She hopes to contribute using data, in shaping Nigeria’s health policy. Nkem is passionate about impacting lives, especially those of marginalized communities and will make the most of any opportunities to advance this course. She is an excellent driven and self-motivated health promotion individual who has committed to advocacy in health and social justice programming and has supported organizations in achieving successes in these areas. Currently, she is acquiring new knowledge in Statistics and Data Analysis-Quantitative Epidemiology. A Biochemistry graduate from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, she hails from Obowo LGA in Imo State, Nigeria.