Muhammad Mustapha Gimba

Data Analyst

Muhammad Mustapha Gimba is a graduate of Statistics from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. Having graduated with distinction in probability, experimental design, time series and general linear models.

After graduation, he spent one year on the mandatory National Youth Service Corps in Kano, while also using his spare time to improve his skills in the field of statistics. He was able to learn the basics of Data analytics and Data Science which helped him to secure a job at an edtech company, Steamledge limited in Kano where he was later transferred to the branch office in Minna. 

During his four years at Steamledge Limited, Muhammad was able to train over 30 individuals in data analytics for a period of 3 months through Steamledge Limited’s Tech Acceleration Private Tutorship Program.

Muhammad has also been involved in a number of projects in the data field with Steamledge, namely, 

  1. Artificial Intelligence Tutor: in which he was involved in the data cleaning and manipulation, as well as the quality of the data collected.
  2. TAP Inventory Management: Using machine learning techniques to improve inventory management through demand forecasting, lead time prediction, dynamic pricing, risk mitigation, and scalability

Muhammad is proficient in Programming using Python, R, and JavaScript; visualization tools such as Power BI, Tableau, and Excel and finally, data collection tools like Google Forms.