Ruqayyah Ibrahim Salihu

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Ruqayyah specializes in Monitoring, Evaluation, and learning (MEL), excelling in data analysis and quality assurance. With robust academics and hands-on project experience, I harness data for decisions and growth. As a ;

πŸ” MEL Expert: I design and implement MEL frameworks, tracking progress and enhancing projects. From baseline assessments to logical frameworks, I ensure that planned goals are met.

πŸ“Š Data Analyst: Proficient in complex dataset analysis, I use stats tools to empower decisions.

Β πŸ” Data Quality Advocate: My meticulous data auditing ensures reliability for confident decisions.

πŸ’‘ Lifelong Learner: I embrace evolving knowledge, staying updated in MEL and data analysis.

πŸ“ˆ Impact Driver: I shape change with data-driven decisions, conveyed through reports and visuals.

🌐 Seeking Opportunities: Eager to collaborate with MEL and data analysis experts.

Let’s connect for impactful collaboration. Reach me at