Anne Nwakalor

Communications Officer
Communications Department

Anne Nwakalor is an experienced Communications Expert with substantial knowledge within the Development and Creative space. Due to a Bachelor’s degree in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from the University of the Arts London, Anne has a robust depth of expertise on ethical storytelling especially with the Development space. 

With strong writing, public speaking, photography and editing skills, Anne is highly skilled in writing creative content for online/ social media, articles, press releases and scripts especially for videos and radio programs. She has directed a number of short documentaries, interviews and video content and works closely with the Creative designers, Photographers and Videographers to ensure that stories of campaigns are told effectively and accurately. She is also well familiar with talking on radio and appearing on live TV to discuss matters pertaining to social issues especially within Nigeria. Anne has headed the Communications angle of numerous projects some of which were in partnership with the United Nations and Ford Foundation.