Zaliha A. Lawal

Project Officer
Programmes Department

Zaliha A. Lawal is an advocate of social quality, a conflict management researcher. Zaliha currently works with Connected Development and leads the activities in Kaduna state, and her focus is to track capital funds meant for health, education and environment in marginalized communities.

Overtime, with her achievements in ensuring that marginalized communities are empowered with information to hold their government accountable and accelerating the Global goals, her work is being recognized by Kaduna state government and she is presently part of the CSO’s ensuring the implementation of the OGP State action plan in Kaduna. She is also a partner with TransparencIT and FollowTaxes. She is a member of Youth Advisory Group for United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Zaliha was deputy coordinator of Yali Face2Face network Kaduna State.

She is a member of Kaduna State Tax Justice steering committee. She recently got selected as a Global Juror for the 5th Global Entrep Awards. Zaliha holds a BSc as well as MSc in Public Administration. Her goal is to have a Nigeria system where meritocracy comes first, a nation where even the people in the most remote part of the nation have access to social amenities and can hold their government accountable.