Data Visual Artist

Yakubu Titus Tukurah is a campaigner, data analyst, and IT specialist. He graduated from the prestigious Kaduna Polytechnic, where he studied Surveying and Geo-informatics. He has over three years of experience in data visualization and using innovative technology to drive transformational change in remote communities while paving the way for transparency and accountability to thrive. He is passionate about using technology to drive peace, community development, and advancement. As an innovative person, he improvises on the little resources available to him to build himself and his work simultaneously. Titus is a team player with an enthusiastic mindset. embrace change and have the ability to work with minimal supervision and unwavering commitment.

He is the founder of Finnstart Innovation Lab, a tech lab and corporate social responsibility company that focuses on equipping early-stage development practitioners, social entrepreneurs, journalists, and change-makers with technology skills to intelligently apply innovation and technology to solve commercial and social problems.