7000 People Registered For My First Training, So What?

On this particular day, a guy came to my office and requested to have a training with our team on GIS for social impact.

I was so excited to attend the training, being the first training I will be attending since I was employed in the firm Follow The Money.

My chief executive said Tunde, talk to this guy (the trainer) so you both can make this happen — again, this is my first responsibility that will be involving an outsider.

I cannot afford not to work my best on this, I said to myself. I and the guy both exchanged numbers and he left.

The weekend after the guy visit, we all went for a colleague wedding and the outing was fun and interesting, my team bus took the first, that’s not the story by the way.

Shortly after we resumed back to work, I call the guy up (let’s call him T), we talked and exchanged emails. Which will be the next line of action.

On the next day after the exchange of the email, T sent me a mail with the agenda of the training and I had to copy my chief executive and the administrator officer so they can be duly informed of the email sent by T.

Hey man, next time — anything that had to do with planning has to pass through the admin, said the administrator officer, I felt dejected as it sounds as if am doing someone else work in which all I did was as directed.

Still after that, I still have to do all the planning, the invitation and all the rest on myself. I designed a Google form for the event registration, sent a mail to our Google group and pop, everything was set out.

I checked through the response on Google form and noticed only 17 people registered.

On the day, I woke up early and felt none responsive, I guess my malaria and the event turnout made me weak, but I still have to go. I can’t stand to disappoint those that registered already. I just have to let all shame go and face the reality.

Just as predicted, I was late, and even one of the participants got to the venue which I am to open up before me. I had to rushed things out and yeah, all was set.

I called, T and he said his team are already on their way. When they eventually arrived, I have 3 people in the venue. I started calling those who registered up and we doesn’t even remember registering for such course, some are far away from Abuja while some were acting like am calling the wrong number.

Well, at the end. Though, the turnout was not that good but we all have something to gain at the end of the training. I felt bad again, because none of my so called team showed up for the training. They made it looks as if I wanted it and I should face it myself.

I did faced it myself and I am glad I did. I met new friends, exchange emails and am totally glad I did it.

On that note, I am still looking forward to organizing another event very soon. As I will be leading a lab training for plusacumen. I learned a lot from this first experience as it makes me want to try out another one.

I wish I could be afraid of trying, but no — I can only try.

Great thanks to @xniyi for facilitating the training. And yes, to my boss. Though he’s not with me, but he gave me the opportunity to.

P.S: that picture is not all of us, some already went before our office assistant make this happen. I should commend him also, Titus, you are a rare gem.

Photo Credit: Titus

AboutHamzat Lawal
Hamzat Lawal is an activist and currently the Co-Founder/Chief Executive of Connected Development [CODE]. He is working to build a growing grassroots movement of citizen-led actions through Follow The Money for better service delivery in rural communities. He is also a Leader of the Not Too Young To Run Movement.

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