Director Community Engagement

Uchenna Kingsley Agu, Director of Community Engagement, CODE With a Master’s degree in Public Administration, coupled with certifications in fact-checking, Security awareness, Risk Mitigation, and Database Administration, Uchenna Kingsley Agu is a seasoned professional in the areas of community engagement and advocacy. His expertise spans program management, community mobilization, project management, public policy, events coordination, behavioral insights, and research for development.

Kingsley’s track record is marked by impactful contributions to numerous initiatives. He played a pivotal role in the formulation of the National Action Plan to combat Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) and the creation of an Inclusive Education Policy in Kaduna state from 2019 to 2029. His proficiency in the development of Tracking, Monitoring, and Evaluation frameworks has brought about tangible advancements in various government projects, particularly within the context of developing nations such as Nigeria. He has demonstrated prowess in uncovering disinformation and foreign influence operations, employing advanced research methodologies such as Kobotoolbox, Askia face, Key Informant Investigations (KII), Focus Group Discussions (FGD), and Direct Observational Monitoring to delve into critical issues.

Currently, Kingsley Agu holds the position of Director of Community Engagement at Connected Development (CODE). In this capacity, he is at the forefront of community mobilization efforts and excels in nurturing and retaining membership for the iFollowTheMoney initiative. His role extends to cultivating robust internal and external relationships, forging strategic partnerships, and identifying avenues for funding to propel the organization and its initiatives forward. His adeptness also encompasses overseeing programmatic implementation and budgetary aspects of CODE’s projects and programs. His previous role as Programs Manager at CODE underscores his ability to manage a diverse portfolio of projects funded by esteemed donors like the UN Spotlight, UN Women, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, FORD Foundation, OXFAM, Action Aid, Canadian High Commission, and more. He displayed a comprehensive grasp of project intricacies, from the development of Terms of Reference (TORs) and the refinement of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) plans to the vigilant supervision of work plans and Action plans.

Uchenna’s influence extends to ground-level initiatives, where he spearheaded impactful projects such as the tracking of funds allocated to basic education projects through the Universal Basic Education (UBEC)/Kaduna State Universal Basic Education Board (KADSUBEB) intervention. His leadership instigated increased citizen participation in governance, facilitated by the iFollowTheMoney online platform, providing real-time updates on government-funded projects. Under his guidance, over 500 million Naira (1.5 Million USD) designated for Basic Education in Kaduna State was effectively tracked, and a policy to foster community participation in procurement processes was formulated, bolstering trust in governance and accountability.

Uchenna Kingsley Agu has cultivated a dynamic network and robust relationships with development partners, civil society organizations, and governmental entities across the global landscape. His multifaceted expertise and unwavering commitment to community engagement have left an indelible mark on the pursuit of transparent and accountable governance.