Oludotun Babayemi - ICCM 2013

Follow The Money - #womencookstoves

Channels TV Report - #Womencookstoves contract

World Environment Day 2015

Importance of Tree Planting - World Environment Day 2015

Interview with Minister of Environment on #womencookstoves


5 JunWorld Environment Day – June 5th 2015

World Environment Day – June 5th 2015

World Environment Day 2015: Sustainable Consumption & Production. We would be holding a Tree Planting exercise in raising awareness with school children and hold a Youth Hangout later in the afternoon to reflex on our campaigns and actions over time while setting an agenda for Nigeria’s new President Buhari. Morning Event Venue: Tree...
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16 JunDay of the African Child – June 16th 2015 (Youth Action Week)

Day of the African Child – June 16th 2015 (Youth Action Week)

In remembrance of the massacre of innocent children in Soweto in 1976 by the racist apartheid regime then in power in South Africa, the Conference of Heads of State and Government of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), known today as African Union (AU), established through Resolution CMRes-1290 (XL) from July 1990, the...
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FTM Team 32


In 2015, CODE was officially accredited to observe the presidential election process. Uzabe, our ushahidi instance real time platform was used in aggregating information from 1000+ observers using SMS and provided dynamic, up-to-date feedback on the voting process. Through this platform, CODE was able to further encourage principles of youth engagement in government.

Environmental Action

CODE is actively engaged in tackling the environmental problems of today and tomorrow. As well as coordinating international advocacy efforts targeted at educating an empowering people with environmental awareness, CODE is also involved in numerous local environmental campaigns to counter the effects of climate change.







Connected Development

Formed in 2010, Connected Development [CODE] is a non government organization [NGO] whose mission is to improve access to information and empower local communities in Africa. We strengthen local communities by creating platforms for dialogue, enabling informed debate, and building capacities of marginalized communities which ensured social and economic progress while promoting transparency and accountability.

At CODE, we:

  • Ensure people’s access to information through various technologies.
  • Share innovative approaches to information exchange through experimentation, research, and technology.
  • Develop innovative platforms for coverage of social, environmental, and governance issues.
  • Advance the adoption and implementation of international development laws and policies.
  • Provide training and support to youth interested in engaging innovative ideas to improve the development index of their society.

CODE provides marginalized and vulnerable communities with resources to amplify their voices with independence and integrity, while providing the communities with information that ushers social and economic progress.


CODE uses its Follow The Money project to ensure transparency and accountability in the implementation of funds


CODE uses innovative technologies to provide early warnings to vulnerable communities during emergency response situations.


At CODE, we believe positive change is only possible when people live boldly and take the responsibility for finding a