From Virtual Internship to Real-world Impact: Our CODE Story

By Alice, Noor and Rabiee

In a world increasingly reliant on technology, harnessing its power for social good has become paramount. Our enriching experience collaborating with Connected Development (CODE), has had a transformative impact on our journey and we’ve tried our best to capture the moments here. 

For us, CODE transcends the traditional notion of a workplace; it functions as a diverse community that nurtures individual development, enhances staff skills, and places a high value on the well-being of its employees. Through our three months of research, we got the chance to explore topics such as Nigeria’s climate finance plans, artificial intelligence, and education. Members of the CODE team have guided us with warmth, support, and endless kindness, helping us to develop relevant ideas that could benefit people at the grassroots. This has, in turn, allowed us to grow as individuals, academics, and budding researchers. 

We were drawn to CODE’s innovative approach, utilising platforms like social media and mobile technology to engage citizens and catalyse grassroots movements. One of the most rewarding aspects of working with CODE is witnessing the tangible impact of their initiatives in empowering marginalized communities. Through projects like FollowTheMoney, we’ve seen firsthand how communities are mobilised to demand transparency and accountability from policymakers. Furthermore, CODE’s commitment to inclusivity and collaboration has been inspirational. We have rarely witnessed such a thriving office culture with employees at all levels speaking their minds and being listened to by the rest of the team. It was refreshing for us to see. 


“I have enjoyed my experience at CODE so much and value the three months I have spent working with Dr. Augustine and the rest of the team. I initially had some reservations about working remotely from London and how this would impact my interactions with the team but, with the wonderful support that Noor, Rabiee, and I have received from CODE, it has often felt like we were in Abuja with the rest of the office. It is rare to encounter a workplace whose values of community and empowerment translate throughout the organisation and I want to thank the team for this excellent opportunity.”

Alice Allfrey


“My time at CODE has been enriching in more ways than I could have imagined. Through weekly meetings with Dr. Augustine, workshops with Mustafa, and frequent contact with the rest of the team, I have truly felt a sense of belonging. Although my work has been online with my co-researchers, Alice and Rabiee, the team at CODE never let me feel the distance. I have grown both professionally and personally, and I am truly grateful to have gotten the chance to work at CODE.”

Noor Dhingra


“From the very start, CODE welcomed us with open arms. Despite the virtual nature of our placement, the team’s warmth and inclusivity made us feel like valued members from day one. Their dedication to fostering a collaborative community shines through in every aspect of their work.  I’ve been consistently impressed by the open communication, support, and genuine care they show for each team member’s development. This placement has deepened my research skills and ignited a passion for using data and technology as tools for positive social change. Working alongside my colleagues, Noor and Alice, has been an absolute highlight – their insights, dedication, and collaborative spirit have enriched the experience immensely. I’m especially grateful for Dr. Augustine’s guidance and mentorship; his commitment and CODE’s supportive environment have created a truly empowering learning experience.”

Rabiee Ibrahim

Our journey with CODE has been nothing short of transformative. To see how highly CODE values community activism and empowerment gives us great hope for the future, particularly in a world that faces more and more complex obstacles to reaching a more equitable society.

We look forward to doing more.

Connected Development is an initiative that is passionate about empowering marginalised communities.

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