CODE Clinches United Nations ECOSOC Status

The United Nations has granted CODE special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council. The Non-Governmental Organizations Committee made the selection as a continuation of its 2021 regular session.  CODE was one of 65 organizations granted general and special status to attend meetings of the Council and issue statements.

CODE’s Chief Executive, Hamzat Lawal and the Deputy Secretary-General of the UN, Amina Mohammed

The consultative status provides NGOs with access to not only ECOSOC, but also to its many subsidiary bodies, to the various human rights mechanisms of the United Nations, ad-hoc processes on small arms, as well as special events organized by the President of the General Assembly. 

Having fulfilled the requirements proffered by the 19-member Committee, CODE is excited to begin attending exclusive meetings of the council. According to the Chief Executive, Hamzat Lawal, “CODE’s selection offers the opportunity for partnership to advance sustainable development in Nigeria.”

The United Nations Economic and Social Council as a meeting point for partnership to advance the three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental. Now in its 75th year, it is regarded as “the central platform for fostering debate and innovative thinking, forging consensus on ways forward, and coordinating efforts to achieve internationally agreed goals.”

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